Obtaining accurate and current floorplans for the facilities requiring wireless enhancement.  Though AutoCAD (telco, reflected ceiling or electrical) drawings are preferred,  Intenna Systems is capable of providing accurate budget assessments using other scaled drawing formats.

Wireless Services

The types of wireless services required will often have the single largest impact on the types of DAS, Small Cell or WiFi products that we will recommend, design and implement.  Your future requirements will also have an impact on what technology is selected in order to future proof your deployment to the degree that today’s technology and your budget will allow.

Budgetary Design

The Budgetary Design is a critical service that we offer our customers.  The accuracy of this assessment will depend on how accurate the drawings are and how well the requirements are defined.  Historically, when those conditions are met, we have seen a 90% accuracy rate in this portion of the process.

Budget Refinement

Experience makes the difference in the Budget Refinement process. Some decisions to value engineer a particular service out of a project could spell disaster when attempting to on-board a particular service provider who requires what your integration firm just eliminated.  Working with Intenna Systems greatly reduces that risk because of their relationships with the wireless carriers and their deep understanding of the carrier’s networks.