Intenna Systems Implementation

Material Procurement

Material Procurement is much more complicated than it sounds.  In a small 5 story office building, there will be more than 10 manufacturers, multiple distributors and over 50 line items of components to produce a functional system.  Two components may have the same specifications and price, but may be manufactured in a country that the enterprise will not allow to be deployed in their workspace or one component may be approved in the carrier network and the other banned because of interference issues.  Intenna Systems has spent decades evolving with the carrier requirements and developing the relationships with the manufacturers and distributers to remove the complexity from this part of the process.

Construction Planning

Our project management team’s effectiveness at system Construction Planning is unparalleled in the wireless industry and is a true distinction for Intenna Systems.   Our experienced project managers employ a time tested process to ensure that the client is informed, but not overwhelmed throughout the system implementation process.


Providing quality Installations with minimal interruptions to your business is our hallmark.  Our highly trained and experienced technicians have all required industry and specialized certifications such as CDC Infectious Control, OSHA Safety and Confined Space, ANSI/TIA/EIA, NFPA 70 – National Electric Code

Commission and Validate

Once the installation is complete, we will Commission and Validate the system ensuring all specifications meet FCC regulations as well as the enterprise requirements.  Intenna Systems works with wireless operators to ensure that their network is protected, all testing and validation requirements are met and the enterprise user experience is optimal.