Maintenance and Monitoring

Intenna Systems Maintenance and Support

Today’s current cellular and public safety networks are dynamically changing due to advances in technology, constantly evolving requirements, new construction & the varying needs of mobile users. For these reasons it is smart business for building owners and property managers to proactively monitor and maintain their investment in DAS infrastructure. Intenna offers a comprehensive and flexible set of options for ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your DAS so that it continues to perform at its maximum capability for years to come.

Guaranteed Response

We offer a variety of Guaranteed Response SLAs that range from next week response to 8 hour problem resolutions.  Some of the country’s most prestigious hospitals and important government agencies depend on Intenna Systems certified technicians to keep their critical wireless communications system in top functional condition.

NOC Monitoring

Almost all DAS and Small Cell solutions offer some level of alarming and NOC Monitoring, but less than 25% of these features are actually used.  With Intenna Systems maintenance support and alarm monitoring, enterprise customers can be assured that their investment is proactively maintained securing the dependability of your wireless communications. 

Spares and Warranty

Spares and Warranty are essential to any DAS system deployment.  Often times DAS electronic components can have lead times of several weeks to a few months.  Intenna Systems offers access to pooled spare parts in our spares depot exclusively to our maintenance and support customers.  We also offer extended warranties beyond the manufacturers limited warranty to our maintenance and support customers.

Proactive Check-ups

Our experienced technicians will perform Proactive Check-ups and routine preventive maintenance on in-building systems of all types to ensure maximum life of critical components and mitigate potential outage issues.