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Capital Health Medical Center in Hopewell, NJ

Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell is located near Trenton, NJ and opened in 2011. The hospital structure is located on a 165-acre campus, is nearly 1 million square feet and has over 1,600 staff.


Most hospitals are very densely constructed and thus poor environments for wireless signals penetrating from the outdoor macro cellular networks. Moreover, staff utilize a variety of smartphone based clinical applications that require robust wireless network performance. Planners for the hospital recognized that the only way to provide the wireless environment required by today’s medical staff was to deploy a multi-carrier DAS.


Intenna Systems partnered with a DAS OEM and a low-voltage telecommunications company to deploy a large scale multi-technology DAS network to accommodate multiple carriers, 800MHz public safety network frequencies and 2-way radio frequencies in the UHF band. Intenna maintains on ongoing service agreement with Capital Health to monitor & maintain the DAS.

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