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Comcast Center in Philadelphia, PA

Comcast Center is located in Center City Philadelphia and became the corporate headquarters of Comcast Corporation when it opened in January 2008. The tower soars 975 feet high over 58 stories and was the tallest building in Philadelphia until the new Comcast Technology Center tower was completed in 2018.


As the corporate HQ for the largest broadcast and cable company in the world, Comcast Corporation desired seamless cellular services for its mobile workforce throughout the 1.2M square feet of office space in the building. A common problem with cellular service in urban high-rise buildings is interfering signals from multiple macro cellular towers, along with the fact that much of the square footage in skyscrapers is above the macro cellular antenna height. Moreover, a densely populated building also creates a capacity crunch on cellular networks, necessitating dedicated capacity for the users inside the building to maintain optimal network performance. Over 4000 people work in this building every weekday.


The Comcast Center DAS provides robust cellular performance by delivering coverage with a high-density antenna layout and capacity through dedicated base station equipment provided by all four national wireless service providers. Numerous upgrades have taken place to keep pace with the latest wireless technologies and applications. This ensures that users inside the building experience outstanding cellular performance throughout 100% of the building’s office & retail spaces. The performance of the DAS is proactively monitored and maintained by Intenna Systems on behalf the property owner.

Comcast Center