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Environmental Protection Agency – Research Triangle Park Campus in North Carolina

As the largest facility ever built by the agency, the EPA’s RTP campus covers nearly 1.2M square feet over 7 buildings. It houses 15 EPA offices, including EPA’s major center for air pollution research and regulation. EPA’s 2,000+ professionals who work at the RTP campus spend each day in state-of-the-art facilities that serve as a model for safe, health and environmentally-sustainable business operations.


The campus consists of office, laboratory, computer and conference spaces and is surrounded by 10 acres of dedicated open space, including woods, meadows, marshes and Lake Discovery. The geographic location and limited macro cellular site density were the primary culprits of sub-standard mobile device performance inside the campus buildings. EPA decided in 2011 to deploy a multi-carrier DAS to solve the pain point.


Intenna Systems designed and deployed a DAS to cover the entire campus in 2012. All 7 buildings connect back to a central DAS head end location which is also where the wireless service provider signal sources are located. Intenna handled all aspects of design, installation, carrier coordination and commissioning activities.

Environmental Protection Agency