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NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC

Two Independence Square, better known as NASA Headquarters, is a low-rise building in the Independence Square complex at 300 E Street SW in Washington D.C. The 9-story, 500,000 square feet building houses NASA leadership.


Many years ago, NASA recognized the need to enable a mobile workforce inside the corporate headquarters building. The materials, size and population density of Two Independence Square resulted in poor cellular performance as mobile devices became more important to day to day operations within the facility. The only solution to correct the problem was to deploy a multi-carrier DAS.


Intenna deployed the original DAS in 2010 to accommodate the largest two wireless service providers and has been monitoring and maintaining the DAS ever since. A large upgrade to the DAS is planned for 2018 and will be done in conjunction with wireless service provider signal source upgrades to enable an increase in 4G bandwidth and new applications.

NASA Headquarters