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Two Liberty Place in Philadelphia, PA

The Two Liberty Place in Philadelphia is 847 feet tall over 58 stories and encompasses 1.2M square feet. The building includes mixed use retail, condominium, hotel and corporate office space. The dominant corporate customer in the building is Cigna. Intenna designed and deployed a multi-carrier DAS infrastructure over two phases that provides cellular service to floors 3 through 36 and floors 38 & 39. Phase 1 was commissioned in 2015 & Phase 2 was commissioned in 2017. The DAS is owned by a wireless service provider.


The anchor corporate tenant of the building required reliable cellular services on the floors that their employees occupy. But dense urban environments usually lead to poor cellular performance in high rise buildings if employees are forced to rely on the macro cellular networks.


Intenna Systems designed and deployed Phase 1 of the DAS project in 2015. This phase covered over 400,000 square feet of indoor space over 14 floors using 13 fiber remote hub units and 87 antennas. The success of Phase 1 led to the Phase 2 deployment in 2017 to cover the remaining floors occupied by corporate tenants. This second phase covered 22 additional floors with the installation of 18 remote hub units and 144 antennas. All corporate offices now have robust access to the cellular services provided by the wireless service provider that maintains ownership of the DAS.

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